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    Battle of the Beasts

    Premieres Tue, 4th July at 10pm UAE

    Monstrous raptors, vicious devils, cunning death adders and more; meet the terrifying players of the animal kingdom, and watch them face off in the deadliest battle of the beasts.

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    Cute Alert!

    Premieres Thu, 6th July at 9:10pm UAE

    With their heart-meltingly sweet looks and equally adorable antics, watch some of the cutest animals in the wild in action.

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    Safari Live

    Premieres Mon, 10th July at 6am UAE, Repeat at 6:30pm UAE

    It’s migration season in Kenya’s Masai Mara, and live footage streams is what will make this special show an action-packed run.

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    Mission Critical – New Wave Warriors

    Premieres Mon, 31st July at 9:10pm UAE

    Covering stories that are as urgent as they are timeless, travel to every corner of the globe to gain exposure to what we need to know - to save iconic species from extinction, protect ourselves, and make way for a better, more sustainable planet.


Sunday July 23 , 2017 UAE Timing
Shark Junction 12:30am
Hollywood Bear Tragedy 1:20am
Dangerous Encounters 2:10am
Ultimate Predators GPU 3:00am
Man vs. Octopus 3:50am
Hunter Hunted 4:45am
Jobs That Bite! 5:40am
Battle of The Swamp Dragons 6:35am
Monster Fish 7:30am
Monster Fish 8:25am
Prehistoric Predators 9:20am
Dragon Island 10:15am
Wild 24 11:10am
The Monster Project 12:05pm
World's Weirdest Extreme Body Parts 1:00pm
Ultimate Predators GPU 1:55pm
Boss Croc 2:50pm
David Attenborough's Rise of Animals 3:45pm
Jobs That Bite! 4:40pm
Extreme Animal Babies Compilations 5:35pm
Monster Fish 6:30pm
Penguin Central 7:25pm
David Attenborough's Rise of Animals 8:20pm
Jobs That Bite! 9:10pm
Extreme Animal Babies Compilations 10:00pm
Monster Fish 10:50pm
Penguin Central 11:40pm