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    Doggy Days

    Premieres Thu, 4th May at 7:25pm UAE

    There’s so much more to our favorite canine friends than we know! Watch the show as these dogs will delight and surprise as they play, cuddle and bond with their best friends of all shapes and sizes.

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    Animal Fight Club 4.5

    Premieres Sat, 6th May at 10pm UAE

    Animal Fight Club features battles between some of the biggest and worst fighters of the animal kingdom, revealing the extraordinary weapons, armory and tactics that fuel each adrenalin pumping brawl.

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    Mama Knows Best!

    Premieres Sun, 14th May at 9:10pm UAE

    There’s no stronger bond in the world than a mother and her child, and the same holds true in the wild. The Blind Monkey provides an insight into macaque society and suggests that compassion may not be a uniquely human behavior.

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    Animals Gone Wild Compilation

    Every Tue at 10pm UAE

    Pulling only the best clips from Nat Geo's fast paced, energetic series we drill into the most gripping moments ever captured in the wild. From incredible predator attacks to skin-of-their-teeth escapes to wild encounters between humans and wildlife, this is a diverse and winning series.


Saturday April 22 , 2017 UAE Timing
Mega Hammerhead 12:30am
Game of Lions 1:20am
Animals Gone Wild Compilations 2:10am
World's Deadliest: Jaws & Sins 3:00am
Natural Born Monsters 3:50am
The Desert Sea 4:45am
Man And The Wild 5:40am
Extreme Animal Babies 6:35am
Monster Fish 7:30am
Monster Fish 8:25am
1000 Days for the Planet 9:20am
1000 Days for the Planet 10:15am
Mission Critical 11:10am
Mission Critical 12:05pm
Ragged Tooth 1:00pm
World's Deadliest: Jaws & Sins 1:55pm
Natural Born Monsters 2:50pm
Bite, Sting, Kill 3:45pm
Man And The Wild 4:40pm
Hunter Hunted 5:35pm
Night Stalkers 6:30pm
Bite, Sting, Kill 7:25pm
When Sharks Attack 8:20pm
Man And The Wild 9:10pm
Hunter Hunted 10:00pm
Night Stalkers 10:50pm
Bite, Sting, Kill 11:40pm