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    The Wild Hood

    Premieres Wed, 1st Mar at 10pm UAE

    Sometimes, the ability to form strong social bonds is just as important for survival as the ability to hunt. Real-life organized animal gangs exist in the wild too, and they’re stronger together than they are apart.

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    Snakes in the City s3

    Premieres Fri, 3rd Mar at 10pm UAE

    Ride shotgun with snake-catcher Simon Keys and herpetologist girlfriend, Siouxsie Gillett, as they rush across Snake City in response to screams of terror: from deadly black mambas in wardrobes to cobras in factories and green mambas in casinos.

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    Game of Survival

    Premieres Sat, 4th Mar at 9:10pm UAE

    In the wild every creature has its own game plan. Attack and defense, communication and mating, hunting and claiming territory - for animals to succeed in the turmoil of nature they need strategy. These are Wild Strategies.

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    Mission Critical – Call of the Baby Beluga

    Premieres Mon, 20th Mar at 9:10pm UAE

    CALL OF THE BABY BELUGA tells a heart-warming story of the way belugas live their social and communicative lives, and of a stalwart group of scientists who use knowledge and compassion to try to save that endangered baby, her extended family, and the threatened future we all share.


Wednesday March 22 , 2017 UAE Timing
Shark Men 12:30am
Man V. Cheetah 1:20am
Animals Gone Wild 2:10am
Snake Underworld 3:00am
Dangerous Encounters 3:50am
Dangerous Encounters 4:45am
Predator Fails 5:40am
Snake Underworld 6:35am
Dangerous Encounters 7:30am
Dangerous Encounters 8:25am
Predator Fails 9:20am
Africa's Hunters 10:15am
Wild Case Files 11:10am
Savage Kingdom 12:05pm
Squid vs. Whale 1:00pm
Africa's Blood River 1:55pm
Dangerous Encounters 2:50pm
Dangerous Encounters 3:45pm
Predator Fails 4:40pm
Africa's Hunters 5:35pm
Wild Case Files 6:30pm
Savage Kingdom 7:25pm
Dangerous Encounters 8:20pm
Predator Fails 9:10pm
Africa's Hunters 10:00pm
Wild Case Files 10:50pm
Savage Kingdom 11:40pm