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    Cute Alert

    Premieres Thu, 26th Oct at 9:10pm UAE

    With their heart-meltingly sweet looks and equally adorable antics, watch some of the cutest animals in the wild in action.

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    Wild, Weird & Weirder

    Every Mon at 10pm UAE

    If looks can be deceiving, then these wonderfully weird critters give deception a whole new meaning. Animals show us just how wonderful... weird can be.

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    K-9 Border Wars Aka Hero Dogs

    Every Wed at 9:10pm UAE

    A series about dogs of US Customs and Border Patrol who work day and night to stop the flow of illegal contraband across the border.

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    Dr. K’s Exotic Animal ER S3

    Every Thu at 10pm UAE

    Dr. K and her skilled staff treat everything from wolves to monkeys, birds, reptiles, rabbits and every other exotic animal imaginable and in between.


Thursday October 19 , 2017 UAE Timing
Wild Case Files 12:30am
Grizzly Empire 1:20am
Monster Fish 2:10am
The Jungle King Compilation 3:00am
Safari Brothers 3:50am
Wonderfully Weird 4:45am
Wonderfully Weird 5:10am
Born Wild 5:40am
The Jungle King Compilation 6:35am
Safari Brothers 7:30am
Wonderfully Weird 8:25am
Wonderfully Weird 8:50am
Born Wild 9:20am
Dr. K's Exotic Animal ER 10:15am
Predator Fails 11:10am
South Africa 12:05pm
When Sharks Attack 1:00pm
Hyena Coast 1:55pm
Safari Brothers 2:50pm
World's Weirdest Animal Faces Compilation 3:45pm
Bandits Of Selous 4:40pm
Dr. K's Exotic Animal ER 5:35pm
Animal Autopsy 6:30pm
South Africa 7:25pm
World's Weirdest Animal Faces Compilation 8:20pm
Bandits Of Selous 9:10pm
Dr. K's Exotic Animal ER 10:00pm
Animal Autopsy 10:50pm
South Africa 11:40pm