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    Extreme Sharkfest

    Every Mon at 10:30pm UAE

    Take a closer look at the different species of sharks, who are they? How do they survive? Join us as we investigate the shark attacks at the world's most idyllic beaches.

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    Dr. Oakley: Yukon Vet S4

    Every Tue at 9:30pm UAE

    Dr. Oakley is back at doing what she does best – keeping animals healthy. Take a peek as she hosts a dog clinic, helps a new born reindeer, neuters a camel and much more!

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    Animals in Trouble

    Every Thu at 9:30pm UAE

    As usual the Pol Veterinary Service is in great demand. From gimpy goats to belligerent bulls, stalled labor, a sick Zebra, Dr. Pol has his hands full this summer.

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    Mission Critical

    Every Mon at 12:30am UAE

    On a mission to save iconic species from extinction and make way for a better and more sustainable planet! Hear first-hand stories and all about the challenges faced.


Wednesday July 18 , 2018 UAE Timing
Monster Fish 12:30am
Shark Men 1:30am
Mother Croc 2:30am
Dr Oakley: Yukon Vet 3:30am
Shark Kill Zone 4:30am
Croc Inside Out 5:30am
Snakes in the City 6:30am
Monster Fish 7:30am
Shark Kill Zone 8:30am
Croc Inside Out 9:30am
Snakes in the City 10:30am
Lion vs. Giraffe 11:30am
Australia's Deadly Monsters 12:30pm
Monster Fish 1:30pm
Shark Men 2:30pm
Planet Carnivore: Perfect Killers 3:30pm
Snakes in the City 4:30pm
700 Sharks 5:30pm
Australia's Deadly Monsters 6:30pm
Monster Fish 7:30pm
Planet Carnivore: Perfect Killers 8:30pm
Snakes in the City 9:30pm
700 Sharks 10:30pm
Australia's Deadly Monsters 11:30pm