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    Earth Day Special– Symphony for Our World

    Premieres Sun, 22nd Apr at 9:10pm UAE

    A breathtaking musical journey through some of the world’s most incredible wildlife spectacles. With a live orchestra and choir, the show brings viewers from the depths of the sea, up to coastlines, over mountains, and soaring into the sky.

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    Deadliest Week Ever

    Mon to Sat, 23rd to 28th Apr at 9:10pm UAE

    It's all about survival of the fittest in the wild. Take a close look at the most riveting moments of animal predation, breaking down the struggle for survival and supremacy.

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    World’s Deadliest Compilations

    Every Tue at 10pm UAE

    Themed compilations highlighting the best of the best from World's Deadliest.

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    The Wild Hood

    Every Wed at 10pm UAE

    Sometimes, the ability to form strong social bonds is just as important for survival as the ability to hunt. Real-life organized animal gangs exist in the wild too, and they’re stronger together than they are apart.


Tuesday April 17 , 2018 UAE Timing
California's Wild Coast 12:30am
Killer Dragons 1:20am
Animal Fight Club 2:10am
Desert Lions 3:00am
Monster Fish 3:50am
Wild Case Files 4:45am
Wild 24 5:40am
Desert Lions 6:35am
Monster Fish 7:30am
Wild Case Files 8:25am
Wild 24 9:20am
World's Deadliest Compilations 10:15am
Savage Kingdom 11:10am
America The Beautiful 12:05pm
Blitzkrieg Sharks 1:00pm
Mother Croc 1:55pm
Monster Fish 2:50pm
Wild Case Files 3:45pm
Wild 24 4:40pm
World's Deadliest Compilations 5:35pm
Savage Kingdom 6:30pm
Paradise Islands 7:25pm
Wild Case Files 8:20pm
Wild 24 9:10pm
World's Deadliest Compilations 10:00pm
Savage Kingdom 10:50pm
Paradise Islands 11:40pm