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    Man V. Animal

    Every Sat at 10pm UAE

    When we tamper with nature, it often fights back. These are the stories of mankind's battles with nature, someone is going to lose the fight and it's often us, humans.

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    Snakes in the City S4

    Every Tue at 9:10pm UAE

    Streetwise snake-catchers Simon and Sioux race across Snake City to face some of the world's deadliest snakes in the most bizarre situations and release them back into the wild.

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    Dr. K’s Exotic Animal ER S2.5

    Every Thu at 10pm UAE

    In this series, Dr. K and her skilled staff treat everything from hedgehogs to large cats, birds, reptiles, rabbits and every other exotic animal imaginable and in between.

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    Destination Wild

    Every Fri at 10:50pm UAE

    In this weekly series, Destination Wild brings together unparalleled cinematography and compelling storytelling to unveil the mysteries of the natural world in rugged and beautiful ways.


Friday September 15 , 2017 UAE Timing
Shark Swarm 12:30am
Hippo Vs Croc 1:20am
Secrets of the Wild 2:10am
Lion Warrior 3:00am
World's Deadliest Animals 3:50am
Wild Case Files 4:45am
Animals Gone Wild 5:40am
Lion Warrior 6:35am
World's Deadliest Animals 7:30am
Wild Case Files 8:25am
Animals Gone Wild 9:20am
Snakes In The City 10:15am
Paradise Islands 11:10am
1000 Days for the Planet 12:05pm
Wild Caribbean's Deadly Underworld 1:00pm
Jaguar: Catching the Cat (aka Hunt for the Shadow 1:55pm
World's Deadliest Killers 2:50pm
Wild Case Files 3:45pm
Animals Gone Wild 4:40pm
Snakes In The City 5:35pm
Paradise Islands 6:30pm
1000 Days for the Planet 7:25pm
Wild Case Files 8:20pm
Animals Gone Wild 9:10pm
Snakes In The City 10:00pm
Paradise Islands 10:50pm
1000 Days for the Planet 11:40pm