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    Primal Survivor WILD

    Every Sun at 10pm UAE

    Hazen Audel, survival instructor and wilderness guide, is travelling to some of the most extreme places on the planet to take on solo challenges that will push him to the limit of his knowledge, endurance and skills.

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    The Wild Hood

    Every Wed at 10pm UAE

    Sometimes, the ability to form strong social bonds is just as important for survival as the ability to hunt. Real-life organized animal gangs exist in the wild too, and they’re stronger together than they are apart.

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    Destination Wild

    Every Fri at 10:50pm UAE

    When it comes to experiencing the best, most intimate encounters with wildlife ever seen on television, Nat Geo Wild’s brings together unparalleled cinematography and compelling storytelling to unveil the mysteries of the natural world in rugged, beautiful ways.

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    Wild Love

    Premieres Wed, 14th Feb at 10:50pm UAE

    Finding love in the animal kingdom is tough business. With help of National Geographic archive, we will tell a love story filled with all the ups and downs of love in Animals.


Thursday February 15 , 2018 UAE Timing
Man vs. Octopus 12:30am
Grizzly Cauldron 1:20am
Monster Fish 2:10am
Incredible Fangs 3:00am
Monster Croc Wrangler 3:50am
Monster Croc Wrangler 4:15am
World's Weirdest Animal Faces 4:45am
Little Monkey House 5:40am
Incredible Fangs 6:35am
Monster Croc Wrangler 7:30am
Monster Croc Wrangler 7:55am
World's Weirdest Animal Faces 8:25am
Little Monkey House 9:20am
Unlikely Animal Friends 10:15am
Savage Kingdom: Uprising 11:10am
David Attenborough's Rise of Animals 12:05pm
Sharks In The City 1:00pm
Dino Death Trap 1:55pm
Monster Croc Wrangler 2:50pm
Monster Croc Wrangler 3:15pm
World's Weirdest 3:45pm
Extreme Animal Babies 4:40pm
Unlikely Animal Friends 5:35pm
Savage Kingdom: Uprising 6:30pm
Ultimate Animal Countdown 7:25pm
World's Weirdest 8:20pm
Extreme Animal Babies 9:10pm
Unlikely Animal Friends 10:00pm
Savage Kingdom: Uprising 10:50pm
Ultimate Animal Countdown 11:40pm